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We have provided a JSON Import file along with the download to help to setup your Google Tag Manager. Step: 1 Login into your Google Tag Manager Account, select the website you are working on. Go to Admin Click on Import Container Select the file ...
SEVA Payment use its own checkout and success pages so you can use the attached ocmod file to make it work with the TAG Manager. Please note this is for OC2.x version only. If you require OC3x please contact support.
Download the ocmod file below to make your Klarna Payment Gateway work with our Tag Manager extension.
Various 3rd party nalytics is now added to Tag Manager extension Enable the type of Analytics you are using i.e. Skroutz, Hotjar, Bing and enter provided id, code etc.
This new section give you last 20 orders tracking details. Order that have not been hit have an option to send the order data manaully to Google Analytics. You can also manually send a transaction reversal to Google Analytics
In Universal Analytics, you could just go to Conversions -> E-Commerce -> Transactions to see a list of every single transactions sorted by transaction-ids. The same can be done in GA4 using Explore You can create a free form exploration report with T...
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