Installing the Tag Manager Extension Basic Install
Posted by Muhammad Akram on 17 Nov 2017 17:18

Please Follow these steps:

Step: 1

Upload the extension using Extension Installer or Unzip and upload the files from Upload Folder. If you are using extension installer please make sure you upload only the file that ends with

Step: 2

Refresh the modification cache using Modification page Refresh cache button.

Step: 3

Install the Module from Extension -> Analytics. 

Install the Module from Extension -> Modules. After Installing Edit the module. (Only for OpenCart 2.1 and 2.0)


Enter your GTM Workspace ID, Google Analytics ID and Enable the Extension


You can find the Google Tag Manger Workspace id at

For Debugging we recommend keeping Exclude admin visit to disable until you are satisfied with your installation.

NOTE: Make sure your work space is updated and published. Click here to learn how to update the TAG Manager using provided JSON import file.


Setting Details:

Exclude Admin Visit from Analytics

This option will disable the extension when a logged in Admin is visiting the site. We recommend that you enable this feature when everything is tested and working.

Analytics User-ID Tracking

Enable sending a unique user-id to Analytics, for this feature to work you need to enable User-ID tracking from Google Analytics. The logged in customer_id will be sent to Analytics when the user is logged in else 0 is sent.

Product Identifier

If you have product feed listed on Google Merchant Center / Facebook Catalog than you can adjust this field accordingly to map the unique product id with the one in your feed. This feature is related to Dynamic Re-marketing and Facebook Pixel tracking

Product Title Modifier

If you have long title you can use this feature to modify the product title being sent to Google Analytics so the reports related to products are easily readable 


Enable/disable cache support for queries by Tag manager extension.

Measurement Protocol

Google Measurement protocol is enabled by default.

These are the basic settings you will be required to provide in order for extension to start working and sending Analytics data. If you like to learn more feature jump to relevant post


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