Setting up Google Ads Tracking, Conversion and Google Optimize
Posted by Muhammad Akram on 25 Apr 2019 11:25

Setting up Google Ads, Remarketing and Google Optimize

Setting up Google Ads formally Adwords is fairly simple, you need to input Conversion Id and Conversion Label. Both these values could be obtained from Google Ads --> Tools --> Conversion if you are not familiar with this you can find plenty of videos how to setup conversion tracking if you are using Google Ads to advertise.


Remarketing / Dynamic Remarketing

Remarketing is a built in feature in Google Analytics where when using Enhanced Ecommerce you can create Audiences based on several criteria.

Dynamic Re-marketing on the other hand send specific data to Google which can be used in Google Ads and Facebook Pixel to create audiences. 

Google Ads remarketing parameters

You can select custom parameters you want to sent to Google Ads for Audience list.


Note: For this feature to work properly you need to have Google Merchant Center / Facebook Catalog feed setup. *Our extension do not provide any kind of feed

Google Optimize

If you are using Google Optimize you can provide the container id and enable the Optimize tags will fire on all pages.

Note: This feature is for initializing container only.


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