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Tag Manager for Opencart Fixing the Bounce Rate
Posted by Muhammad Akram on 07 Dec 2017 10:22

Google Analytics unnaturally low bounce rate

There was a known issue in the extension where Product Impression and Product Actions were handled via one tag in Tag Manager. This caused sending additional event if you have any product listing module, or banner module on the home page. Since the tag was set as interactive, Google Analytics register it as action event and your bounce rate will get low.

How to fix it

We have release a patch that you can download via Open Cart download page containing Tag Manager import file.

  • Login to your tag manager
  • Go to Admin
  • Import Container
  • Select the container you are using 
  • Select Overwrite 
  • Use the JSON file provided for import
  • Once you have imported the container, go to Variables -> Google Analytics Setting 
  • Update the Property ID as per your Google Analytics ID
  • Publish the container

If you wan't us to fix the Tag Manager for you please feel free to contact us via Support and we will do it for you.

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